Yes, but the big question, or hurdle, for a crypto-currency to solve the trustless problem vs. fiat currencies is that of a crypto’s deflationary pressures in a monetary world that has been running on credit inflation for the past 45 years. Deflation is not problematic, except in a world afloat on debt contracts.

Central banks now manage credit creation by discretion and their crucial metric is the political greasing of economic growth by promoting 2% inflation. Governments and central banks are not likely to surrender this control and I doubt voting populations are willing to suffer high disruption costs. Not sure how we get from one universe to the next.

In the meantime, digital gold will be considered as safe an asset as physical gold — neither makes economic sense, unless there’s no better alternative to hedge against fear.

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I am currently a tech start-up founder in the creative media original content space. Social science academic and author.

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