It seems what we are witnessing here is more about culture and gender rather than race. In every culture (often associated with race) there is a traditional male and female role that neither multiculturalism nor progressivism can easily erase (not even #metoo).

What we are seeing now is the intermingling of dominant cultural archetypes where those roles get somewhat scrambled. Naturally, a movie made in Asia for an Asian audience will deal with Westerners differently than a movie made in the West by an Asian. In the latter case, the westernized Asian is heavily influenced by the dominant culture that he/she has adopted.

I see no racial conflict here but the natural dominance of certain cultural archetypes. Of course, the dominant culture also heavily influences the standards of beauty and attraction. Multiculturalism often runs into the wall of cultural antipathy because societies thrive on timeworn traditions and cultural attitudes that evolve slowly. Unfortunately, it too often is attributed to racism. Assimilation is the antidote, but it takes time and our identity politics works against it. But the global mixing of cultures in the modern age doesn’t erase human nature or history.

Take, for instance, the high rate of interracial marriage and what might motivate it. Is an immigrant woman born of traditional parents choosing Western men because she likes their race or because she chooses someone steeped in a culture that allows her to redefine her traditional female role? I’d guess what we are seeing are intercultural marriages that reflect the dominant culture of the society in which they take place. We can overthink this.

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I am currently a tech start-up founder in the creative media original content space. Social science academic and author.

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