Good effort. Good use of election map by counties too. The lasting divide in American politics has been urban-rural. At certain times in history this showed up regionally as North vs. South or Midwest vs. East, but today it is clearly all about the political preferences reflecting urban vs. rural and suburban living.
The targeted monetary policies of the central banks since 2008 have layered a populist vs. elite divide over the historical divide. This is similar to what occurred in the USA in the robber-baron and anti-trust era and again during the 1930s.
Unfortunately, a clear understanding of the truth in the face of wholly biased media and partisan political narratives is necessary and that’s difficult to attain when we’ve lost the integrity of the Fourth Estate. We can’t “all just get along” unless we have a means of understanding our differences.

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I am currently a tech start-up founder in the creative media original content space. Social science academic and author.

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