• Eileen James

    Eileen James

    Veterinarian, blessed mom of two rascals, adoring wife, mental health advocate. No internal monologue - I live in a state of constant zen.

  • AJ Picard

    AJ Picard

    Running Clava App & Sauce Designs. Sharing my insight and journey as an Entrepreneur & self taught Designer.

  • Odhora Khatun

    Odhora Khatun

    Passionate about healthcare, technology and government

  • Tina Castaldi

    Tina Castaldi

  • Meri Kotlas

    Meri Kotlas

  • Bill Rudolph Yaber Russell

    Bill Rudolph Yaber Russell

  • James M

    James M

    Founder/CEO @BillowIP & @CryptoCoinsure. Trusted advisor in IT and a creator focused on decentralized disruption. Time Person of the Year: 2006.

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